Tutoring at My Local Tutors

 Tutoring that target the gaps!

Our service will begin by understanding the gaps, filling in the basics and teaching your child with conceptual understanding.
We will also ascertain your child’s preferred way of learning.

This is vital when delivering tutoring. It could be by watching, listening or by doing (kinaesthetic). This affects everything they do.

Memory vs Understanding

Concepts that are learned through rote learning (visual memory) are frequently stored in short-term memory.
This is why children may  understand that 5×6=30. However, they may not understand 6×5=30.

We will help your child understand the concepts so they will retain the information.

Maintenance and Extension

We support students that need tutoring  for catch-up, maintenance or extension work.We support all levels.
When we help a child catch-up, it is important to maintain the level.
the extra support.

This will ensure that your child continues that success and feels confident.

Tutoring that will help your child reach their true potential.

Our tutoring can be delivered online or at our learning centre. We use a range of different tutoring modes to ensure your child is learning the way their brain learns best. Click here to visit our pricing page. You can also visit our Facebook page for more tips and tricks.

We will help put an end to homework battles, school frustration and show your child that they can be successful. Once they realise they can be successful, the sky is the limit. No more “I can’t do it”, “I’m not very smart” or “That’s not they way I do it!”.

Learning should never be a negative feeling. Let us help change how your child experiences school. Submit a tutoring enquiry below or call us now to book your free no-obligation assessment. We will provide you with a full report that will outline the individualised  program for your child.

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We will call or email you as soon as possible to book a time for your free learning assessment.

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