School Holidays Tutoring Programs

School Holidays

This represents the best time to catch-up on the basics while school is closed.

Study Skills 

We will teach your child to understand how they learn best. This will change everything!


We support students preparing for testing for entrance and scholarship exams. 

Success + Confidence = Happiness!
It just adds up!

At My Local Tutors, we begin by meeting with your child for a free learning assessment. We will find any gaps in their learning, understand which way their brain learns best and outline an individualised School Holidays Program. 


My Local Tutors specialises in helping your child understand how they learn best. Some children learn by moving. Stopping them will only slow their processing abilities.


Many students appear to forget concepts easily. They may be memorising or rote learning. We teach them to understand the content so they can recall it easily. 

No More Tears!

Does your child deflect at homework time? Do they say negative phrases like “I’m not very good at this” or “that’s not the way I do it”. We can help rebuild their confidence. 

Ongoing Support

If you see success, then why stop at the School Holidays. We help students reach their true potential. Every child deserves to enjoy learning and feel confident and successful. 

Great at memorising but can’t spell basic words?

No, you are not going crazy. It’s entirely possible that your child can memorise a spelling list or times tables like a song without understanding what they mean. We teach the phonics and spelling rules so they can apply them with conceptual understanding.

Need to write a story but struggles to write sentences or paragraphs? We can help!

You can’t write a story if you can’t write a paragraph. You can’t write a paragraph if you can’t write a sentence. You can’t write a sentence if you can’t spell words. You can’t spell words if you can’t understand phonics. Seeing the pattern? We can help your child fill in the gaps and make them successful and confident writers. 

Children are often expected to learn concepts without understanding how they learn.

We teach your child to understand the way their brain learns best. We teach them time management, memory techniques for fact recall, mind mapping, exam techniques and so much more. This understanding of their learning style will not only help with school but everything they do in their lives. Adults are no different, we have to understand how we learn best too. Visit our Facebook page for learning tips and tricks.

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