Homework Arguments – “Why does my child react this way?”

Homework Arguments?

Do you wonder if homework arguments are just bad behaviour? Here’s what we tell our parents:

“Can you add fractions, subtract fractions or convert decimals if you don’t know what a basic fraction means?”

Of course not. This is what your child is feeling. 

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Not Enough Effort?

Imagine going to an 8 hr movie in a language you don’t understand.

Can you just try harder to understand in that moment or would you need to spend time learning that language?

Will it matter if you try harder and concentrate more? Of course not. 

Easily Distracted?

Imagine trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together which is missing half of the pieces.

Will it matter if you try a different strategy?

Were you ‘just a bit lazy today?’
Of course not, without all of the pieces, you can’t put the puzzle together.


This is what a child feels when they are missing the basics in maths, phonics and writing.

No matter how hard they try, if you don’t fill in the gaps you finish with the same result every time.

What can I do?

Change the frustration into SUCCESS! Start where the gaps begin and build their confidence.

We will provide you with a FREE assessment to find the gaps and create a catch-up course. 

No More Tears at Homework Time! 

The good news is that it is NEVER TOO LATE!
My Local Tutors can help your child understand how the learn and feel happier.

We can help your child see that they can be successful and confident. When you feel successful at a task, you enjoy doing it. It’s just that simple!

This will be life changing and could be the difference between your child having the options to do whatever makes them happy after they finish Year 12. 

Every parent just wants the best for their child and to know they are reaching their full potential. Mostly they  just want their children to be happy.

Make a change and your child will have a whole new learning experience.

Does your child:
🌀 forget things easily?
🌀 count on their fingers?
🌀 forget sight words and times tables?
🌀 constantly ask for reassurance with work?
🌀 get fluctuating grades from term to term?
🌀 get easily distracted by movement?
🌀 forget verbal instructions?

We know why and we can help! Call or submit a tutoring enquiry now and get your FREE ASSESSMENT!

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