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Home Tutoring Initial Assessment

Our home tutoring programs begin by identifying any gaps in your child’s learning. We will give you a report and an individualised tutoring course. 

Self Paced Tutoring Programs

We can also provide your child with an adaptive self paced tutoring course. They can use this in their own time to get ahead. The sky’s the limit!

Feedback and Ongoing Support

We will provide you with feedback on your child’s ongoing progress. We are not a ‘set and forget’ tutoring program. We will support you and your family. 

We understand how difficult it can be to fit everything in. 

We know balancing work and family life can be very challenging. This is why our Home Tutoring service will make it easier to support your child.  

We will help your child understand the content with conceptual understanding. 

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Success + Confidence = Happiness!

Our tutoring is designed to help your child feel successful. This will support building or re-building their confidence when learning.

When you feel confident learning, you feel happy and successful.

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