Camp Hill Tutoring Centre

Initial Learning Assessment

Our Camp Hill tutoring centre programs begin by identifying any gaps in your child’s learning.

Delivery Methods and Support

Our tutoring is delivered In small groups classes or One-to-One.

Feedback: You are part of our family!

This isn’t just another tutoring place. We are here for you and your family.

Camp Hill Tutoring Centre – My Local Tutors

We are celebrating our 10th year of delivering success, confidence and happiness to our local families.  We have crafted the perfect focused learning environment. 

Our mission is simple – we want our students to succeed, feel confident and above all be happy!

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Individualised Tutoring!

Our free initial assessment is designed to find the gaps, understand how your child learns best and create an individualised learning program. 

We deliver tutoring in small groups and One-to-One. Our assessment will also determine which mode of delivery will be best for your child.

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