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Did you know that every person learns differently? We create individualised tutoring courses that fill in basics and help your child reach their true potential.

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How does your child prefer to learn?

At My Local Tutors, we understand that every child learns in different ways and at different speeds. Our aim is to understand your child, fill in the basics and make them feel successful. My Local Tutors are trained to help your child understand how they learn best. 

Tutors that use real world examples

The Australian Curriculum wants your child to learn with conceptual understanding. We teach many different strategies to ensure they can apply the learning in any environment. Our tutors want their students to understand how school topics apply to the real world. 

Break the cycle of negativity, not the bank!

We understand the juggling act and pressures of raising a family. My Local Tutors offers affordable weekly direct debit and a cancel anytime option. We want you to be happy, comfortable and to see the results. Click here to view our pricing. 

“It all sounds too good to be true!” - Some of our parents wanted to share their experience. 

Our tutors are world class! Don’t take our word for it. When you come for the free assessment, you will meet parents that have been with us for years. Here’s what our clients say:

Wayne and Josh, I just wanted to let you know that we found Louis playing maths games this morning. It was completely unprompted.

We cannot thank you enough and please let us know if you have any parents with doubts.

Amy – Louis (Age 6)

We cannot believe the NAPLAN results for Emily, we have progressed so far in such a short time. THANK YOU, we are so happy.

Emily is now doing extension work and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for helping.

Karen – Emily (Age 8)

Wow, from a D to a B . We are shocked. You told us the potential was there and he was just missing the basics. 

Now we have a teenager that has applied to Uni to be an engineer. We are absolutely astounded. 

Tracy – Dan (Year 12)     

How are we different? We care about each and every student! Our mission is for every child to feel successful, confident and happy!


Our assessment is designed to find the gaps and understand your child’s preferred way of learning. Do they learn by listening, watching or doing? We then create an individualised course.


If your child doesn’t understand place values, they may not understand addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
We fill in the basics so they have strong foundations.


We understand that communication is vital. We will provide regular updates on how your child is progressing. We want them to be able to celebrate success and feel like their hard work is recognised.


Once your child reaches their goals, it’s important to maintain the tutoring to help them reach their true potential. We have helped students move into extension and get full scholarships.

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